Social Media Strategy Phase 1 - The Strategy $500

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I will deliver an easy to understand summary of Key Objectives and Recommendations
A Comprehensive Audit - This will reveal current strengths, weaknesses and issues that your strategy will address.
Conducting a social media audit will give Wallace Social a clear picture of your current social media footprint and directly impact the next step forward and how to better understand your audience and will help decide which social networks you should be engaging.
The Key Objectives - The Business goals the strategy will work to achieve
The actual strategy - Specific recommendations and tactics, showing you how Wallace Social PR will achieve the objective issues uncovered during the audit.
Advanced Elements
Earned, Paid and Owned Media - To increase impact the strategy will plan for all 3 types of social media: Earned, Paid and Owned.
Defining Team Roles - Clarity on who will be working on what and defining social media, blog, website and advertising workflow

Getting started

Social Media Account passwords.
Business Objectives
Marketing Objectives
Goals and planning objectives
Timeline of events